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Smart Ontology Tools

A comprehensive, feature rich toolset

Smart Discovery

  • Automatically ingests - “gobbles” the structure of existing data repositories
  • Captures, calculates and documents relationships across all your data
  • Maps database contraints into relations
  • Identifies and completes missing constraints
  • Intuitive “follow your nose” interfaces for exploring linked data structures
  • Drill down to explore records using OBDA

Smart Delivery

  • Quick start - works with your existing databases
  • Reduces all data future project implementation times
  • Perform data validation
  • Create Custom Views
  • Infer new insights
  • Integrate with BI Tools

Smart Control

  • Create rules for use or sharing of your data
  • Secure access by users and groups
  • Customise interactive editors (tailored for expert or novice users)
  • Configure notifications when changes occur
  • Undertake change impact assessments
  • Facilitate transition to schema-less technologies (documentation for NoSQL)

Smart Governance

  • Share data with a common frame of reference
  • Full audit trail of all user actions
  • Document the lineage and provenance of your data
  • Configure alerts on database usage
  • Inform digital transformation projects

Administration and management features

Standards based: Not a walled garden

Creating portable ontologies underpinned by the principles of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs.


  • Rich editor (syntax highlighting and history - undo/redo)
  • Version and Administration controls (with seperate staging and live resources)
  • Comprehensive search accross multiple data platforms
  • Data driven customisable visualisations
  • Detects and reports inconsistencies
  • Reports non-compliance with standards
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Monitoring and alerts


  • Utilises Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA) and supports common databases including (MSSQL, MySQL and Postgres)
  • NoSQL stores (CosmosDB, DynamoDB, etc.)