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Welcome to UBBC Limited



UBBC Limited was founded by Graham Deane in 2008 and is exploring the applications of formal knowledge representation.

The mantra understanding builds better commerce reflects how building a comprehensive model of the knowledge available within an organisation, and understanding the (in)accuracy of such a model, can be used to improve decision making, inform planning and increase operational efficiency.


Commercial activities were suspended while I was researching techniques for reasoning in the presence of inconsistencies at the Department of Computing, Imperial College in London. I have now completed my doctoral studies and I am now focussing on developing tools that identify inconsistent knowledge and permit meaningful inferences from inconsistent knowledge.


Please contact me for availability.


Knowledge representation and reasoning

Reasoning about a domain relies on constructing an accurate formal model of the domain knowledge. The Semantic Web initiative is driving a fundamental transition towards distributed machine readable knowledge represented formally using RDF-Schema or the Web Ontology Language (OWL 2).


In real-word environments such as integrating organisation-wide knowledge, we usually find that some information is inaccurate or missing. Locating, correcting or trying to live-with such problems in a formal model is non-trivial. As examples: inferences under RDF-S semantics may lead to invalid conclusions; inferences under the standard OWL semantics are not defined until inconsistencies are removed; and inconsistencies under either semantics often remain entirely undetected.