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About UBBC Limited



UBBC Limited was founded by Graham Deane in 2008 to explore the business applications of formal knowledge representation.

I suspended commercial activities at the end of 2010 to conduct research on the nature of inconsistency and techniques for handling inconsistencies within structured knowledge.

Since completing my PhD, I have refocussed on developing tools and techniques to simplify the management and integration of knowledge from diverse sources.


The mantra understanding builds better commerce reflects how building a comprehensive model of the knowledge available within an organisation, and understanding the (in)accuracy of such a model, can be used to improve decision making, inform planning and increase operational efficiency.

During my research on techniques to handle inconsistencies, I also confirmed how simply adopting more expressive logics for knowledge representation (such as OWL) provides a powerful tool for enriching the information derivable from the model and exposing any inconsistencies within it.

However, in spite of offering many benefits, the use of OWL outside of the academic environment remains sparse and has driven the change in focus.



I completed an MRes. in Advanced Computing in 2011 and then a PhD in 2016 at the Department of Computing, Imperial College in London.

During my PhD, I developed a novel technique for obtaining meaningful inferences from inconsistent knowledge. Informally, the approach defines semantics for a preferential logic based on a notion of minimal repairs. Inconsistent OWL 2 ontologies are translated into an Answer Set Program (ASP) and a Tableau algorithm is used to answer queries. My work was supervised by Dr Krysia Broda and Professor Alessandra Russo and was funded by the EPSRC.


I was also privileged to be awarded a teaching scholarship and taught courses in Automated Reasoning, Software Engineering for Industry, Software Engineering Design, Software Engineering Practice, Prolog and Academic writing.


An overview of our approach to inconsistencies was published in
Deane G., Broda K. and Russo A., (2015). Reasoning in the presence of inconsistency through preferential ALC. In 20th International Conferences on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning - Short Presentations, LPAR 2015, Suva, Fiji, November 24-28, 2015, pp. 67–80, 2015.

The full PhD Thesis is published in
Deane G., (2016) Preferential Description Logics: Reasoning in the presence of inconsistencies. In Computing PhD theses, Sep-2016, Imperial College London.