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Welcome to UBBC Limited



UBBC Limited was founded by Graham Deane in 2008 to explore how Artificial Intelligence can be applied within the business domain.

The mantra understanding builds better commerce reflects the core strategy:
organisations can deliver growth by identifying and utilising the knowledge that surrounds them to inform decision making, planning and operations.


Commercial activities were suspended while I have been investigating techniques for reasoning in the presence of inconsistencies at the Department of Computing, Imperial College in London. I have recently completed my doctoral studies and more information will follow shortly.


Please contact me for availability.


The challenge

Constructing accurate reusable machine readable models of knowledge is essential to allow solutions to be developed and deployed efficiently within organisations. However, in any real-word environment, we must accept that some information will be missing or inaccurate. Automated reasoning in the presence of incomplete or inconsistent information remains an open problem.


The Semantic Web initiative is driving a fundamental transition in knowledge representation. Increasingly, information is being made available in machine readable formats and distributed across the web. However, collaborative authoring and distributed management of information frequently leads to the introduction of inconsistencies. We have been researching techniques for reasoning about (possibly inconsistent) knowledge represented using the Web Ontology Language (OWL 2) and have developed an implementation based on Answer Set Programming (ASP).